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Nicolau van Uden and Isabel Spencer-Martins

Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection


PYCC is a biological infrastructure associated to the Unit (CREM) and housed in the Department of Life Sciences (DCV). It provides support to research conducted by members of the Unit and to teaching activities of the Department. PYCC also distributes yeast cultures to other yeast groups in Portugal and abroad. It currently holds approximately 2500 yeast strains, representing ca. 400 species and 125 genera. The Collection was founded by Prof. N. van Uden in 1952 and is a member of two major international organisations (ECCO – European Culture Collections’ Organisation and WFCC - World Federation of Culture Collections). PYCC also aims to serve the research community in particular and the society in general as a source of expertise in the areas of systematics, ecology and preservation of yeasts.


Álvaro Fonseca (coordinator); Cláudia Carvalho (technician)

Main Objectives

- To preserve yeast cultures deposited by researchers or industrialists

- To supply certified yeast cultures to users in academia, research and industrial laboratories

- To identify and characterize the preserved yeast cultures and to store strain information in a dedicated database

- To increase visibility of the collection and of the information on the yeast cultures by setting up a website and an online catalogue

Other long term goals include: to establish or integrate a National Biological Resource Centre, together with other selected Portuguese Culture Collections; to provide yeast identification services; to provide tutorial training and carry out R&D activities in the areas of yeast identification, classification, evolution and ecology; to make the necessary adjustments towards a possible accreditation and certification as a BRC.

Collection website: http://pycc.bio-aware.com/

PYCC regulations in Portuguese or in English



Departamento de Ciências da Vida (DCV)

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

2829-516 Caparica


Tel/Fax: +351 21 2948530

Email: pycc@campus.fct.unl.pt

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